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"The ability to get the Interest of
those you want to reach out to" 

Only Available in Executive Career Development Programme

Marketing can only been done by having confidence through practical experience in what you want to market to your target. 
U Moe Kyaw started Marketing with the Yangon Directory over 30 years ago, which led it to become a well-known product and residing on the desk of every business in Yangon with 1.5 Million copies being printed with over a million classified ads.

As a joint venture partner of Bates Myanmar, one of the biggest world advertising agencies during the early 1990, U Moe Kyaw worked directly on advertising for brands like 555, Heineken, Ovaltine, Lucky Strike, Mothers Choice, M&M’s, BMW, J&B Whisky, PSI and Eva.

These brands allowed Bates Myanmar to pioneer the introduction of campaigns, events, sponsorships, and promotion across all media platforms on a world class level.

During the last 10 years, U Moe Kyaw was invited to many international forums in which he presented Myanmar's leading strategic position to get overseas investment. 


MARKETING... what you will learn

  • What needs to be valued in Marketing
  • The Concept of AIDA
  • Important elements of a Marketing plan
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