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1. Is there parking near the Work Academy?
  Parking is very difficult near the academy. We advise you to park your vehicles near the Kandawgyi Lake and walk over to the location.

2. Is wifi available?
  Yes, Wifi is available, which can be used to connect the students' personal devices.

3. Can I bring my laptop to take notes?
Stationary will be provided to take notes, so that students are not distracted by additional electronic devices. However, please do bring your smart phone which will be used to undertake polling during the classes. If calls need to be taken students must ask for permission to leave the classroom to take their calls. All phones must be put on silent mode and texting during the class is discouraged. 

4. What happens if I don't complete my coursework?
  All students are expected to complete assignments by the assigned deadlines.
  Incompletion of any one of the assignments would not result in any penalty.

5. What is the dress code?
  No shorts for all genders. We highly recommend smart casual.

6. Can I pay for the programme in installments?
  No. Full payment is to be made by course registration deadline, on the Friday before the programme commences.

7. What if I miss a class?
  Students need to provide sufficient documentation of their reason of absence in order to be considered for a replacement class.

8. What happens if a lecturer is not available for the scheduled class?
  All efforts will be made to ensure that the lecture is available for the days assigned. In the event the lecturer is not available, classes will be swapped so students can still get the full programme.

9. What is the refund policy?
  We regret to inform you that all payments made are not refundable.
  Students will be added to the waitlist and are expected to join the programme once full payment has been made.

10. Can I bring my parents/friends?
  They are permitted to enter the office floor but are not allowed into the classroom.
  They are welcome to sit in the reception area.

11. Can I take videos, photos and audio recordings in the class?
  Not at all. Our instructors will be  sharing their in-depth personal experiences and would appreciate it if the information stays confidential and within the classroom only.

12. Will the lessons be recorded and shared after class?
  No. None of the lessons will be recorded for the same purpose mentioned above.

13. Are there any exams?
  No, there are no exams. There will be quizzes during class that are meant to engage the students and help them learn the topics of the day. 
  The only requirement of the programme is to show up and engage in the class.
  There will be after-class assignments so please submit your work by the assigned deadlines.

Footnote: We encourage students to be at their best selves at all times in class as the classroom recordings could be shared with HR professionals.

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