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Why LEARN @ MMRD Work Academy

MMRD Work Academy, with over 30 years of expertise in Marketing and Research and collaborations with top global brands, offers a specialized 12-hour program over two weeks, tailored for Myanmar's young HR workforce, to develop their integrity in the workplace.

Led by U Moe Kyaw and his team, the Academy goes beyond traditional teaching. U Moe Kyaw will be "tea-oching" (teach + coaching) students to have a wider view on how they see the business world. It blends theoretical insights with real-world experience, covering areas like industry research, sales, and career development. Students will be exposed to industry knowledge and get to discuss on trending topics, such as the advancement of AI. This is the program to gain hands-on business understanding. The Academy emphasizes core values like integrity, intelligence, initiative, and innovation, ensuring students not only learn but also apply these principles practically.

For those seeking a hands-on educational approach, MMRD Work Academy is the ideal starting point.

LEARN and be part of the vision in fostering confidence on your career path.  

The MMRD Work Academy has be formed with two aims in mind.

  1. Providing young and aspiring individuals who are Gen Z  with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to develop a practical mindset to start their careers.

  2. Discovering young talented individuals who can serve as incentivized resources for companies that require them to grow and succeed

LEARN with in-depth interaction and synergize with Students like you.

The course is limited to only 15 students, as U Moe Kyaw believes learning is about asking questions, usage of online polling and comparing artificial intelligence with practical intelligence, with group interactions with all the students in the class. 

LEARN core practical business skills as the foundation of this learning programme.

Course Content

U Moe Kyaw's Maxim


How Business Functions

Job Vs. Career

A Job Description

Understanding Motivation and their Colours

The 4i Career Development Plan

Questions All,

Course Design

Before the Course

All students for a particular batch will be added to a Viber group chat. Our programme coordinator and social communicator will be the admins and will assist you with all issues.

Before Class

Breakfast will be provided in one of our meetings rooms from 8 am. Students are encouraged to come early to interact with other students while having breakfast. Sayar will arrive to the classroom by 8:30 am and students are expected to be punctual.

Class Hours

Classes are planned to take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:30 am to 11:30 am, so students have adequate time to commute to their respective workplaces and have lunch.

Classes are 3 hours long with 10-15 mins break in between.

Class Structure

Our classes are not structured like a typical lecture. Most of the content will be taught by Sayar U Moe Kyaw based on his life experiences, which will not be reflected on the PowerPoint slides presented in the class.

There will be a live Zoom webinar for guest speakers on two Fridays, which will take place around 12 pm - 1 pm. All students are encouraged to attend the webinar for a personalized experience in networking with the guests.

During Class

With Wifi connection, students have to participate in polling exercises in class (scan a QR code on screen and take a short quiz).

After Class

All students will be added into a Google Classroom after each class, where all class materials and homework for the day will be uploaded by the programme coordinator by the end of the day of the classes. Therefore, it is anticipated that all students have a Gmail address.

The homework will have an assigned deadline which all students are expected to complete by.

All students are to communicate with the programme coordinator regarding all of their concerns about the course, including homework.

There will be no penalties for submitting late or incompletion of assignments, however, there is a point system in place to reward those students who put in more effort in doing their homework.

End of Course

Appreciation of Participation certificates will be awarded on the last day of class for all students.

Top students who had showed active class participation and homework will be given special gifts for their efforts.

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