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Established 1991


The 40th Largest country in the world with the 26th largest populous of 54 million people, offering an immense opportunity for development.

MMRD has been studying and developing this market and populous for the last 31 years.

Myanmar borders 40% of the world's population and over 25% of the worlds GDP which is ever increasing. Nearly two thirds of the population are young, and the long term future of Myanmar is in their hands.  


The art of making consumers value products and services

MMRD was instrumental in introducing modern marketing techniques to Myanmar. Its first achievements was the launch of the first Classified Yellow Pages for Yangon in 1992. Subsequently, MMRD partnered with BATES Advertising Worldwide to enter the advertising industry. They worked with globally recognized brands such as British American Tobacco, Heineken, Ovaltine, Mars, Mothers Choice, Baygon, J&B Whiskey, and Rado, as well as local brands. BATES Myanmar led the way in various media formats, including Television, Press, Radio, Outdoor, and in-store advertising.


The study to find the opportunity to make things better

MMRD has talked to more households and individuals, reviewed data for nearly all FMCG, NGO, INGO, Global Economic Entities and local companies in Myanmar, since it started its research business 30 years ago.


MMRD had 5 research divisions, Market Insight, Media Insight, Consumer Insight, Social Insight and Business Insight. In 2013, The Market Insight, Media Insight and Consumer Insight engaged with Nielsen, the worlds largest market research agency, to set up Nielsen MMRD Research Services. 


The time spent to make things better

Over the last 30 years, MMRD has been involved in setting up and assisting organizations focused on social, health, agriculture, monastic schools, heritage buildings, education, business and poverty reduction programmes and causes. The Chairman of MMRD is also one of the longest serving executive at UMFCCI.


U Moe Kyaw also reinstated The Rotary Club, introduced YPO, assisted in forming the Myanmar Retailer Association, Market Research Association, Yangon Heritage Trust and the Palaung Tea Growers Association. 

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