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"Caring and Trying to Make Things better"

In 1999, the Union of Myanmar Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UMCCI) received a mandate to transform into a more inclusive FEDERATION, with a focus on engaging the young generation. Since then, UMK has been actively involved in developing non-government associations and clubs to contribute to development across various sectors.

U Moe Kyaw's initiatives began with the establishment of the Retailer Association and played a role in reinstating the Rotary club after a prolonged absence. Additionally, UMK provided support in founding associations like The Advertising Association, Market Research Association, The Yangon Heritage Trust, and the Palaung Tea Growers Association, each contributing to different sectors.

As one of the founding members of UMFCCI, UMK became actively involved in International Relations, Research, and Advocacy, leading to participation in key regional councils such as the ASEAN Business Advisory Council and GMS Business Council. Currently, UMK serves as the director of the GMS Business Council, fostering cooperation in the region.
In 2011, UMK assumed the role of Secretary at the National Economic & Social Advisory Council, offering advice to President Thein Swe on various economic and social matters.
UMK's journey has been marked by efforts to encourage inclusivity and engagement in Myanmar's development and inclusion within regional contexts.

DEVELOPMENT... what you will learn

  • Roles that Organizations can play
  • Understanding Stake Holders
  • Being Target-Oriented
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