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Only Available in Executive Career Development Programme

"If you know Why your doing research and what it will be used for..60% of the work has been done."

For over 30 years, MMRD has been a leading force in conducting comprehensive Market, Consumer, Social, Media, and Business research in Myanmar, catering to diverse businesses and organizations. Their expert divisions - Market Insight, Media Insight, Business Insight, and Social Insight - have played a crucial role in providing valuable insights.

U Moe Kyaw's experience extends beyond business research. MMRD undertook essential social research, presenting the promotion of Iodized Salt at a regional UNICEF conference, and conducted in-depth studies on water and sanitation usage in rural areas.
In the realm of Market research, U Moe Kyaw team kept local CSD brands up-to-date with regular performance updates in the market. Their media panels were instrumental in understanding audience ratings and media expenditures.

With an impressive reach of over half a million consumers interviewed in Myanmar, MMRD Research has significantly contributed to shaping informed decisions.
Recognizing their expertise, the world's largest Market Research Agency, Nielsen, engaged in a strategic joint venture with U Moe Kyaw, reinforcing their position as a powerhouse in the research domain.
Beyond the national scope, U Moe Kyaw collaborated on economic research for esteemed institutions like ADB, World Bank, and JETRO, reviewing Myanmar's strategic importance in developing the Economic Corridors of the GMS region.
U Moe Kyaw's journey in research has been resourceful, leaving a notable mark on Myanmar's understanding for development and driving progress for businesses and the nation.

RESEARCH... what you will learn

  • Elements to understand about Market Research
  • Drafting a Research Brief
  • How to use a Market Research Report
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