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“Believe it or Not You are selling and Buying Every Day”

The statement above, shared by an IBM executive - the first professional marketer in Yangon in 1990, marked U Moe Kyaw’s entry into the world of Marketing. After the former’s presentation on marketing IBM computers to an audience that could not afford them, U Moe Kyaw approached him and expressed his desire for one, despite not being able to afford one . He also questioned the executive’s ability to make the audience want IBM computers despite the financial constraints.
The executive responded with an explanation that his role as a marketer had succeeded the moment he was able to instill a desire for an IBM computer in some of the audience.

U Moe Kyaw’s first major sale was to sailors from the Myanmar Five Star line. After sourcing a wholesaler for cosmetics, he would go to the docks in England whenever a Myanmar ship docked and barter his range of cosmetics to the sailors with the foodstuff and ornaments that they had brought from Myanmar. These products were highly sought after by the Myanmars living in the UK. The sailors made at least twice the returns and U Moe Kyaw made three times. His last sale was a James Bond Aston Martin sports car.

SALES... what you will learn

  • The Psychology of Selling & Buying
  • The Six Rules of Selling
  • Believing in What you are Selling
  • Essentials of a Selling Plan
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